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Media Fluency Reflection

I really enjoyed this assignment since I like to film and edit videos so the process of editing and picking music was super fun for me. Planning the storyboard for the commercial was very enjoyable for me as well. I feel the commercial that we made was very nice and almost felt kinda like a real Adidas commercial. The process of choosing a product was very easy. I suggested creating a commercial on shoes since I knew my partner was very into clothes and she would be a good model for the commercial. Since I was very excited about creating a commercial, I volunteered to edit the commercial as well as editing it. We chose the music and filmed it together. Overall, working with my partner went pretty smooth.

In terms of our commercial, I think the duration/time of it is pretty fitting. Usually, on Youtube, commercials are around 10-20 seconds long since advertisers know viewers wouldn’t want to watch super long and boring commercials. I think our commercial was “visually appealing,” had good and upbeat music, and was short but concise in a good way. Personally, if I was a viewer and this commercial appeared, I wouldn’t want to press the “skip the ad” button. 🙂 Because of the high-quality videos and the catchy music we had for our commercial, I feel like viewers would be interested in knowing more about Adidas’s products.

Collaboration Fluency Reflection

I think my partner and I did a good job in working together for this assignment. We split the roles pretty evenly and we each finished our roles. We also set up “due dates” for the tasks so that way we had time to look over the assignment together and make the necessary changes to it.

How Has Technology Affected My Relationships

Family Everyone in my family including my parents and my older brother all have phones and social media. The only time during the day when we can all get together is when we have dinner. My mom made a rule that no one is allowed to have their phones on the dinner table. I realized that although no one has their phones with them, everyone including me, are all in a hurry to finish dinner as fast as possible and go back to their technology devices. Also at times, I feel like everyone is so focused on finishing their food as fast as they can that there is very little conversation going on.

Although technology has mostly negative impacts on relationships, I feel like it has some pros to it as well. I believe that technology helps friendships last over time and distance. I have friends that live in other countries such as China and South Korea and it is pretty obvious that I can’t fly over there every week and talk with my friends face to face. This is when technology comes in to help. Technology makes me stay connected with my friends overseas who I can’t always meet in person. It also helps me stay in contact with friends who might have switched schools or moved out of town.

People usually say that technology leads to less offline interaction which I feel personally isn’t the case for me. For me, the online conversations I have over text with my friends often lead to more face to face interactions. For example, I had a friend who told me that they didn’t feel happy which led me to ask if they wanted to meet up to talk about their problems. They agreed and we met up in person. After we met up and had a long conversation, I felt like I got to know more about her and I feel like our friendship got more strengthened from talking face to face. This was all from the result of texting using technology in the first place.

Favorite Quote

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

Although this sounds like a cliche quote, this quote speaks alot to me. This quote means to not cry over something that occurred and cannot be changed, but be happy about it. The change in one’s life is a good thing, whether its for the better or worse. Without change in life it would be a mean less cycle reoccurring over and over. Change is inevitable in life. Smile is a powerful change in one’s mood. Smiles are used in happiness, sadness, and joy. I personally chose this quote because it reminded me of all the change that occurred in my life and how it helped me move on.